Repairing/Improving School & Church Project

The Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East, Saint Peter Cathedral, informs all that we are fundraising for the children's school attached to the main building.

Would you be able to contribute to our fundraiser? A donation of any amount would genuinely help us reach our goal to help bring the school facility up the code by making much-needed repairs and improvements. In addition, every dollar of your donation will prepare the school for future students and make a difference; even a contribution is as little as $5. Receipts for your tax-deductible contributions are provided upon request.

With these funds, our organization will be able to accomplish these tasks:

1. Repairing Roof - Patching holes and applying a reflective coating across the roof.
2. Fixing Bathrooms - Complete repair of the walls, flooring, stalls, and sinks.
3. Patching Parking Lot - Filling in cracks with tar and applying a new seal coat.
4. Purchase New Desks & Chairs - Replacing old and worn classroom furniture and appliances.
5. Replacing Old Computers - Upgrading old PCs to be faster and more reliable for students.

It would mean much if you could also share our fundraiser link with your friends and family. The more people hear about our cause, the quicker we can reach our goal. God Bless!

Update #1 - 8/8/22

Thanks to your generous donations, our school improvement and repair project has gone underway! Specifically, the roof repairs will not only fix the areas needing attention, but the reflective coating will make the building more efficient in cooling during the hot AZ weather. God bless you all!